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From the Dade County Sentinel - October 2007... Discount Flooring had the Grand Opening of its new location Oct. 20 at 12461 Main Street. Months of work have gone into refurbishing the old Kyzer building that now houses the store. The owner, Monda Wooten, says her flooring prices will be competitive to anyone in the tri-state area. Mullis, who said that the new renovations “raised the bar for the other merchants,” and that all the new facades in Trenton were helping the city “turn the corner to greatness”.

Monda Wooten purchased the old Kyser Building about 2 years ago with the intention of making it the permanent home of her business. She and Linda Wooten started Discount Flooring 6 years ago as a phone order business. They were just two house-moms looking for a part-time way to bring in more income.

In those early days, the ladies only offered their clients 3 choices of flooring: light, medium or dark. But one order led to another and they had to scramble to get things organized. Monda said she remembered the first loads of flooring were dropped in the dirt, of-loaded by a Bobcat and chains since they didn’t really have any storage area or equipment. The ladies’ first move was to a small building on Sand Mountain that the owners let them use in exchange for a flooring job. The business continued to grow and they moved to McKaig Road, where things really took off.

The move from McKaig Road to Main Street in Trenton was a bold one, especially with all the renovation that needed to be done to the old Kyser Auto Parts store to bring it up to code. But Monda and Linda have proved up to the challenge. Saturday’s event brought out people – and memories. The building had been a furniture store at one time, and someone mentioned that before the furniture store, it had been an industrial building; possibly part of a spinning mill operation. One man said, with tears in his eyes, he’d met and courted his wife there in that building and it brought back fond memories. Several gentlemen said tht they were part of one of the mechanic classes that Mr. Kyser had taught there in the 40’s and 50’s.

Everyone was impressed with the store’s overhaul though. The stonework inside and out was a fine architectural feature that completely changed the look of the plain cinderblock building. The storage areas and loading bays had new concrete poured, new bay doors, new paint and a thorough cleaning. The showroom had samples of every imaginable type of flooring, and Monda said that they have 90% of their samples in stock with no need to do any special orders. She said their motto is true: “Over your floor, Under your Budget,” because they buy in large trailer roads. They pass that savings along to their customers.

So if you need flooring in the near future, go in and check out the special Grand Opening deals that Discount Flooring is offering. Or, if you don’t need flooring, just stop in to spend some time sitting in their community room, listening to the jukebox play. Let those oldies send you back in time – maybe you’ll catch a ghostly glimpse of car parts being handed around.

Debbie Jaqueth Manwarren - Customer

I have bought from them several times. Each time.has been great. The customer service is top notch and not to mention the prices are great too.

Jeff Trevor West - Customer

After our twins decided to come early at only 29 weeks we had to push to get our baby room finished, Discount Flooring gave us an incredible deal on our carpet and even came out to install the new carpet. They did an amazing job and we will be using them again for our kitchen remodel at the beginning of the year. Thank you guys!!!

Wanda Gamble - Customer

We got great flooring at an awesome price! Sales staff were friendly, helpful and very accommodating! We were grateful to find them and drove 2 hrs to get there!